Comment: More of the fruits of fiction

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More of the fruits of fiction

I don't have an hour and twenty minutes to watch a biblical lecture further trying to explain a mythological text based on oral traditions that weren't written down for two thousand years. The pagans have a more credible story to tell. At least their religious concepts are based on observable real happenings in nature.

When the Judeo/Christian religious mystics can bring this amorphous, undefinable, invisible cloud being called "god" down to earth and introduce it to me then I 'll accept its existence. Until then, go peddle your mumbo jumbo to the ignorant savages.

Why supposedly thinking people are willing to sacrifice their reasonable thought processes for a false promise of living forever after dying is beyond the pale. Just think of that statement -- "living forever after dying." It is an oxymoron, contradictory and impossible.

You can't live after you're dead. When the neurons stop firing in the brain, whatever gave that person an identity no longer exists. Its personality/soul/spirit is dead, gone, infinito, and the body begins to rot and then to stink really bad. It is impossible to transfer a personality from flesh and blood into a cloud for it to "live" forever.

As for the resurrection of the dead, gimme a break!! It is impossible to return to life after the neurons stop firing and the body has been dead for twenty minutes or longer, let alone three days. I learned that in science class in the third grade.

The person Jesus Christ, if he ever existed, has been dead for 2000 years and he hasn't been back since because he's dead, gone, rotted to nothing in the ground. There's nothing left. I learned that in science class also.

There are zero observable real world events or traceable evidence to even suggest any entity created a universe that contains 700 thousand million galaxies each containing thousands of millions of stars, controls the weather on all of them, controls all of the planet's orbits and observes every fallen sparrow on each tree on every planet. Believing that is totally absurd and ludicrous. It is more likely that there is an Easter Bunny or Santa Claus than an invisible cloud being.

Besides that where did the entity come from? Somewhere in the universe?

Give me a break!!

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