Comment: Caballaros Templarios... aka the Knights Templar cartel

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Caballaros Templarios... aka the Knights Templar cartel

I pray for the people and the militias down in Mexico, fighting the corruption and evil around them.

The "Knights Templar" cartel didn't choose that name for no reason. Our U.S. government's "war-on-drugs", is run from the top by the Executive Branch. Locally enforced on the populace in the U.S. by the DEA, but internationally the CIA is enforcing the true agenda of the "war-on-drugs".

The true agenda is to control the illicit drug market, as funding for Black Operations, and also simply for enormous profits. This scheme also gives them a large amount of control over the criminal underground/organized crime world.

The U.S. (and other nations') military is often employed in these major drug smuggling operations. See the movie 'American Gangster' with Denzel Washington. The exact same scam is run in Afghanistan with the heroin there. Pat Tillman was famous for giving up a promising NFL career to serve his country in the Army Rangers and he exposed the drug plot, but was killed in mysterious circumstances by "friendly fire" immediately thereafter. Mexican military has been documented entering U.S. territory to escort drug cartels in the Southwest. Only CIA, Executive Branch could/would authorize something like that. "Operation: Fast & Furious" is further proof of this working relationship.

The CIA, since the beginning was started and headed by members of the "Order of the Skull & Bones" secret society. The Skull & Bones are a branch of Masonic Knight Templar, whose Order goes back to Bavaria, Germany. Their connections with the Nazis are plain to see as well. The 'Iron Cross' is essentially just a Templar Cross. The SS wore the Skull & Bones symbol on their hats.

There is much more to it but that subject can take up several books itself. No doubt the "Knights Templar" cartel in Michoacán and elsewhere in Mexico see themselves as a branch, or subsidiary of the powerful,global organization/corporation/secret society known as the "Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon".

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