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there confusion on what the absence of a ruler means? Do animals have rulers? You make no sense at all. It as if you comment in a state oblivious to nature. It is not like animals can not be observed if one wanted an idea regarding how an animal could behave in the absence of language, communication, or knowledge.

RE: "If anarchy existed, it was for an incredibly small amount of time"

How old is the earth?

RE: "What is your plan to make everyone magically think the way you do, and never have to educate anyone ..."

I do not suffer from any must compel everyone syndrome. I have advocated geographical organization because I have argued it is up to people who believe in peaceful cooperation to create their own community and lead by example. Convincing everyone is some statist delusion. I have opined there are two paths of leadership ... inspiration or intimidation. I believe if you build it they will come not because I am pulling it out of my tailpipe but because it is a proven formula of success.

RE: "However, the legions of armed men willing to kill over the words on the (executive order) paper are very fucking real"

Let me touch on geographical organization again. I have stated almost all enforcement comes at you from a local level. Organize a majority in a state, numbers aren't there. Organize in one county, the numbers are likely there. What could be done at a county level? No property taxes, code enforement, permits, licensing, etc. Essentially an economic advantage is created that doesn't exist anywhere else in the country. That means the cost of doing business for all proponents of liberty is cheaper than it is for any ideological competitors. Economic advantage is a currency of influence. Complete secession is not required. For instance you have communities that have their own IRS exempt currencies (ie. Ithaca hours). I could ramble on about geographical organization raising several other points but I hardly need to when it is obviously a proven strategy when I have posted a picture of a global map twice in this thread.

RE: "if you can't even convince people on DP"

I have suffered you in law threads yet the question:

Do you subscribe to intellectual property and if so do you voluntarily self identify using any ideas others that have been registered in a state which is a member of the United States?

remains untouchable because truth is far more powerful than any bullshit. I suggest you take a poll to find out how many libertarians are politically active because they wholeheartedly believe in the state and its monopoly of force versus how many are merely doing it to reduce the size or scope of the state by any means necessary.

I think you will discover that everyone is not on team statism wearing a statist jersey wrapped in a flag. It is more like a pro bowl where a group of good players just happen to be playing together like a team in order to move a ball in a certain direction.