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So why introduce all of the

So why introduce all of the bullshit and claim anarchy does not exist? I have no problem conceding the only reason any government can be formed is because the world fundamentally operates on anarchy.

You're being incredibly obtuse. As you know, I am not the one introducing any bullshit here, anarchists are. If anarchy is just "how the world works" and it results in government, then why is there a conversation about it? When I ask how can anarchy physically exist, I am obviously (as has been spelled out in no uncertain terms here numerous times) referring specifically to an actual modern system of anarchy. You are choosing to use the word in a broad and meaningless sense, and refusing to use language for what it is intended (communication). You know damn well what I am saying, but you stubbornly stick to your own definition of the word, which is adopted by almost no one.

Get real. The sheer volume of libertarian writing indicates the absurdity of the question.

What's absurd is right before your face is literally undeniable evidence to the contrary, yet you continue to insist that all libertarians are anarchists.

Considering the very essence of the definition of anarchy is the absence of a ruler it is not loaded or a red herring.

So you are making the argument, if I understand you correctly, that anarchy is a philosophical idea about how the world works, and has absolutely no practical application to government, and anarchists are in no way trying to reform or change government? If so, I hope you realize you are an extremely unique anarchist.