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Supply and demand in free markets

How do we attract the right candidates into colleges of education?

Answer A:
We (the fellow criminals) offer protection from the less powerful criminals among our group, so long as the desired "educator" follows orders without question. The form of protection can be higher pay, denominated in fraudulent money used to perpetrate the crime of extortion, conveniently called tax payments into our National Debt FUND, whereby the lure luring the educator is less Debt payments demanded from the potential "educator" compared to his or her targeted victims who will be indoctrinated into the fold.

Answer B:
We (the fellow defenders of the innocent from the fellow criminals) offer credit in the form of earnings based upon the competitive quality and cost as those measures of quality and costs are measured by the free traders who freely choose among the available suppliers of information demanded by those consumers. We as a service supply the connecting medium between teachers and students in such a way as to offer the highest quality teachers we manage to find, and train, at the least cost, competitively, to connect to many consumers demanding high quality, and low cost, information.

What are the lessons from other industries that education can use to guarantee human capital of the highest caliber?

Legal Crime Industries
Those criminals able to avoid succumbing to their own lies while remaining exceptionally able to invent new lies required to cover up the old lies will be those who manage to secure to themselves and their group the most power in the form of Legal Purchasing Power from which that Debt FUND can finance any project that Fraud Money can buy.

Free Market Industries
Those who can create the most effective means by which higher quality of life can be earned while reducing the cost of life to the absolute minimum are those whose natural ability command the greatest credit by their examples offered to everyone else in a free market; especially evident when Legal Crime Industries become more Powerful (by falsehood,threat, and violence upon the innocent) than free market traders.

What baseline salary could attract high quality candidates to the field?

The Legal Crime Field of managing consent, also known as brain washing, also known as indoctrination, also known as suppression of relevant facts that compete with Legalized Crime, also known as Monopolization of the transfer of information world wide, is attractive to the best liars, the most destructive human beings, because the "salary" they can manage to steal has no practical limit other than that which can be stolen from the many innocent victims. Once the supply of innocent victims is gone, however, each criminal will be at each other criminal's throat as they fight over the remaining supply of valuable things that were produced by the innocent victims.

The Free Market Field of supplying the highest quality information at the lowest cost to those who demand the highest quality information can earn as much salary as their ability to out perform the competition whereby the competitors force quality up and cost down in free markets because no sane person would pay more for less given a choice.

What incentives could be used to recruit world-class teachers to our most challenged schools?

Potential "teachers" can take whatever they can steal from the "students," so long as they do not get caught by moral people as the potential "teachers" are given free access to anything they want from those "students" within those obvious limitations of moral conscience - assuming any human moral consciences still exists in any human beings anywhere.

Teachers find their special talents in free markets because they can teach the best, and therefore their reward includes the reward of having the opportunity to do what they can do better than almost anyone else, a reward itself, added to any monetary reward that may be earned because their special talent is in high demand as prove by the number of consumers willing to out bid each other for that special talent - while maintaining competition among fellow teachers out bidding each other for access to the supply of consumers.

What non-pay incentives could be part of a competitive compensation system?
Legal Crime is a pyramid structure offering more power to those who prove to be best at perpetrating crimes upon the targeted innocent AND fellow criminals too. The higher quality criminals gain the most power soonest.

The reward of finding which talents each individual is capable of pushing the human limits of quality upwards while costs are lowered to the minimum is, in a word, happiness.

How do we continue to ensure teacher effectiveness over the career continuum?

If the "students" stop obeying without question, the flow of loot stops flowing to the "teachers."

Free markets result in an ever increasing quality of life while the costs of life reduce to the limits of human ability.

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Who determines the demand for information?