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Do Animals Have Thier Own Governments?

It is pretty impossible for any Ron Paul supporter who has been around since the beginning to comment from a perspective oblivious to humanity. Something unique happened in the Ron Paul campaign that has forever altered the perspective of those who participated. Spontaneous order. It was observed, experienced, and lived.

The very fact that people observed, experienced, and lived spontaneous order is empirical proof any definition of anarchy such as "a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority" or "absence of order" is a factually inaccurate. You are not going to convince people who launched a blimp, participated in two record breaking money bombs, sign waves, tea party events, etc. otherwise.

RE: "Anarchy does not mean "absence of a ruler" in the metaphorical sense that you want it to. It means the actual, physical absence of a government."

roflol. Anarchy is the absence of a ruler. The linguistic acrobatics you are trying to employ is BS I would expect from an attorney. A metaphor is a figure of speech to describe a subject. Government in any sense of commanding or compelling action = ruler. "Absence of a ruler" is not a metaphor ... an example of an expression which is a metaphor would be "it rains injustice under any government."

RE: "How can anarchy physically exist?"

roflol. So ... this question has already been debunked. You started out with anarchy isn't real, acknowledged "anarchy is" and now come back with how can anarchy physically exist. A blaring contradiction on your part to be sure. However I am going to use my vast mental powers to help you form a question since you seem to be coming up short ...

How can anarchy function as a viable political ideology?

More importantly ...

How would predictability for property be achieved, a necessary component of free markets, in anarchy?

A question reflects upon the knowledge of the questioner. Going back to this question:

Is intellectual property real and if so do you self identify using your own ideas or the ideas of others which have been registered in a state which is a member of the United States?

Knowledge enables a questioner to form a better question. The answer to your question "[H]ow can anarchy physically exist" is acquire more knowledge.

Here a couple questions:

Is there a separation of power in anarchy to keep anarchy in check?

Would anarchy require eternal vigilance to preserve it?

Is there any tangible difference of substance between sustaining anarchy and minarchy?