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Not really that simple

Not really that simple slugnuts. Your delusions affect me (and my liberty) directly.

1) There is no god, but I have to live in a world where people who believe in god make the laws I have to follow and restrict my freedoms based on their delusional and immoral belief system.

2) I have to live in a world where people who believe in your god have in the past, and may again in the future wage wars/torture/murder people like me.

3) I have to live in a world where thiests constantly give credit to their imaginary friend for everything good that happens, instead of the humans who actually did the work, and accuse me of being responsable for everything that is wrong in the world because I don't believe in their myths.

4) I have to live in a world where representitives of your mythology knock on my door several times a month and threaten me with eternal torture if I don't start believing in nonsense.

5) I have to live in a world where if a Christian threatens me with eternal torture if I don't see things his way; he is just "spreading the good word!" But if I try to explain to him why I don't believe in god, I am: "Hateful, blind, and want to persecute & "mock" christianity because of my evil meaningless existance."

6) Athiests are constantly under attack by chrisitans in nearly every aspect of our lives because chrisitans hate the feeling of rejection they get that we won't share in their insanity. They are threatened that they have no answers to anything we ask and become hostile when we try to ask for proof. They lie and say things like they "love" us when infact they are salavating at the idea that we will end up in their god's torture chamber for all of our "mockery." Im not sure when "mockery" was deemed okay to punish by eternal torture, but then, christians are sadisitc and highly immoral. No one would stand for this if an earthly dictator was doing it, but I guess if that dictator has magical powers its okay?

Im not an athiest beause I don't "want" to believe in a giant country club in the sky where I can be with my loved ones forever. Id love for their to be a heaven. I just don't believe it. Get over it.

While you're at it, watch this: