Comment: I love this movie

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I love this movie

I have it here. Old VHS copy. Did everyone watch it last night? Or is it tonight? FYI< I just mentioned another movie about writing, to MN: "Delirious," this goofy romantic comedy I've seen a dozen times. Also, while there's an unrelated comment below mentioning an Albert Brooks movie, there's also one where's he writer: "Mother." [Unrelated to writing, ever see his Real People? It's a riot.] There are many films about writers. There are all kinds of different lists. Maybe those of us interested could periodically watch one of 'em. Keep this thread going.

By the way, after I initially saw Adaptation, I read "The Orchid Thief." I wasn't sure what to expect. But it's a real book (non-fiction), and it's really good.

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