Comment: Great video but lacks a solution....

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Great video but lacks a solution....

I mean, yeah, I get it but what can I realistically do about it? I know, we have to elect the right people to "change" the system but how would they change it? They all lie. No one can be trusted. They're all bought and paid for.

I think the real solution is to accept that one day it will all collapse. Collapse means no job, no money to buy food, pay your mortgage, buy gas, etc. Collapse will come like it did for Germany pre-WWII with hyper-inflation so high people had to use a wheel-barrow to carry cash for a loaf of bread, except now we all have debit cards. The heat provided from burning the currency will have more value than using the currency to buy heat in the form of propane, gasoline, coal or electricity.

Also, not only one country will be affected like Germany, it will be world-wide.

I think preparing yourself by becoming debt-free and owning gold, silver, seeds, guns, bullets, a manual water system (well) and tools necessary to be self-sufficient will be your only hope. However, be prepared for gangs of the ill-prepared to rape and pillage whatever you accumulate. War with foreign nations and domestic enemies will be rampant.

I know it sounds like doom and gloom but unless banks are willing to forgive all debts and start anew with a monetary system based on a commodity that can't be easily duplicated like gold and silver then we must expect government will enforce the contracts individuals have with banks.

Tell me where I'm wrong and I do hope I'm wrong.