Comment: A drivers license has EVERYTHING to do with public roads and

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A drivers license has EVERYTHING to do with public roads and

nothing to do with an occupation.

Occupational licenses are actually taxes disguised as licenses in order to tax earnings, or to regulate professions.

You could fish on private property without a license except that lakes and ponds and rivers are actually owned by the state - even waters on private lands.

Regarding licenses being permission. If you have a federal license to do something you have federal permission however you may not have state permission. States certainly have the right under certain circumstances to regulate things that the Federal government doesn't regulate. Even if you have permission from the Federal Government.

TAXES are something used to raise revenue and they do not give you rights. You simply have the obligation to pay the tax.

A good example of a tax that must be paid, but does not convey permission is a drug tax or a prostitution tax where either is illegal. In my state as well as others there are marijuana stamps that must be purchased if you are engaging in the sale of marijuana but the sale of marijuana is illegal so of course nobody goes to the court house to buy the stamp.

Still, if you are caught selling marijuana, the fact that you did not buy a marijuana stamp as required by law will be used against you.

The same happens with prostitution.