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So ...

"it has everything to do with public roads and nothing to do with an occupation."

I suppose to plainly defeat that I only need to come up with one example of motor vehicle codes being applied on private property. Hmmm .... so many to choose from .... which one to go with .... Oh, I got it ... let's go with handicap parking citations and/or fines for $1000.

"You could fish on private property without a license except that lakes and ponds and rivers are actually owned by the state - even waters on private lands."

How did the state justly acquire lakes, ponds, rivers, or roads? No person owned any rivers when any state was formed. To come along and say a state owns this or that isn't going to cut it. It must be verified by evidence of just acquisition.

RE: "If you have a federal license to do something you have federal permission however you may not have state permission ... A good example of a tax that must be paid, but does not convey permission is a drug tax or a prostitution tax where either is illegal"

A point of the SCOTUS opinions I referred to is that it wouldn't matter if it was called, labeled, named, or referred to as a drug dealer license, prostitution license versus marijuana tax stamps, prostitution tax because it is the substance of power applied or how a rule functions with regards to its objects which determines its character or nature. To say a license grants permission is false.


Rebut that and its voluminous citations.