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Last tiny point.

"I can't tell you how ironic I find it that I precisely articulated the function of law ... to make liable"

I think you meant that "the function of A LICENSE... is to make liable.."

In that you have the tiniest of points. I am sure that you got it from someone else because you don't seem to understand it very well.

I have a real estate brokers license that allows me to conduct certain transactions, even by state statute, allows me to practice law ONLY within a very narrow scope of real estate transactions (I was surprised when I first learned that).

But because I am licensed I am also held to a higher order of competence than Joe Blow who is selling his own house would be. If Joe makes certain contractual errors he might get a small reprimand, whereas I could go to jail. I am expected to know better.

So in this case my license does make me liable. Likewise a driver's license does make you liable to having it suspended and losing ALL right to drive if you do what you should know better than to do.

I give you that small point. But I am sure someone else told you about it and you didn't come up with it on your own.