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My next book

Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights
Here's a book review.

I don't care if the author is a liberal. I consider this issue among those that transcend politics. The book covers the history of Santa Clara County v. The Southern Pacific Railroad, which set the precedent giving corporations "personhood." I first learned of the case via the book Culture Jam, by Kalle Lasn, who also publishes the magazine Adbusters. (He clarified that they're not a bunch of "lefties." What they are is... people who WOKE UP.) FYI, Kalle Lasn & crew designed the corporate American flag among other priceless depictions of the effect of corporations & advertising on this country and its people. This has nothing to do with being against "business." It has to do with corporate power run amok, with so many safeguards in effect during the first 100 years having been dismantled.

You raise a good question re Hale v Henkel, which I'd never heard of.

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