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More to the point, what

More to the point, what possible standing could a group of people who blindly condone the mass torture of hundreds of billions of average humans (including people you have known and loved) for endless eons of time for the terrible crime of not choosing to worship YOUR particular myth, have to tell an athiest they can't be moral?

What are you going to tell people about your sterling morality while you sit around in your golden city while your son, brother, friend or wife or whatever is currently being sodomized by a flaming pitchfork in hell by servants under the command of your new heavnly landlord?

"Gee God, could you maybe make an exception for my son, Bob? I tried to tell him not to go athiest, but he kept wanting to see some proof that you existed. Could you at least ask those demons to put out the fire a few hours a day, or maybe lighten up on the demonic gang rapes? Im having a little trouble sleeping knowing that my first born child is in unimaginable horrific agony 24/7 and will be for the next several trillion years."

The truth is, you don't actually believe this nonsense or you wouldn't take part in it. You just reeeeeally "hope" the good parts are true and block out any attempts anyone makes to get you to consider the bad parts you are ingonrantly ignoring.

Anyone who believes in the hell myth has no place lecturing anyone about morality, because they are no better than a cowardly guard at a nazi death camp. If belief in that monster is what is required to have "meaning" in your life, then id say no wonder the world is such a nice place.