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Obscure? Have you tried Theodore Dreiser?

The Financier and his Trilogy of Desire. I also liked Sister Carrie by him.

The Financier is the antithesis of Atlas Shrugged. It is economic fiction based on actual events and characters of the time period. He was pro socialism, but he wrote about the markets with a passion, he also corresponded with Mencken on a regular basis. The two were friends. It is weird when someone can write about something as dry as the markets and make it so damn interesting.

I don't know if he is necessarily obscure, but damn....that is an amazing book. In my opinion at least.

I also like Horatio Alger. Any of his will do for a fun quick read. He is said to have coined the term 'rags to riches.' He is late 19th century and his stories were about the idea that anyone in America can make it big if they want to.