Comment: "Bitcoin vs GoldnSilver" is overplayed - It is fallacious

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"Bitcoin vs GoldnSilver" is overplayed - It is fallacious

I think people are seriously caught up "comparing bitcoin to gold."

WHO SAYS YOU SHOULD STORE YOUR WEALTH in bitcoin? Store your wealth in gold, silver, land, commodities, whatever you want.

Want to buy something online? Are you gonna SHIP THE SELLER a sliver of silver? No.

You WILL CASH IN SOME SILVER for a few intermediate dollars, which you can spend using online credit card services or paypal.


So the people complaining about "bitcoin vs silver" are already living proof that they DON'T USE GOLD AND SILVER for everything. THEY CURRENTLY USE DOLLARS when they shop.

That is what cryptocurrency can do for you, be an intermediate currency, not a long term wealth store.


So PLEASE stop repeating retarded straw man arguments.