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Comment: I quote a man so I am woshipping him? Whoa. You have issues

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I quote a man so I am woshipping him? Whoa. You have issues

I don't really care to deal with.

I hear he had a tendency to pee in people's oatmeal. He didn't get you did he? If not him than who got you?

Science is not based on YOUR morality. The God I refer to that created everything from nothing is not moral based on YOUR morality.

OUR morality is based on things like "Do nice things to other people and they will do nice things to you." No they won't. Not if they can get away with acting exclusively in their own interests. Study after psychological study has shown that the likelihood of people doing the "right" or "kind" thing is directly correlated to the chance that they will get in trouble or get caught doing the wrong thing.

Our morality is entirely hypocritical.

Much of our morality is based on "life" and "death" where the most important thing is to preserve human life. That's the foundation. Yet we have constant wars that we convince ourselves are to SAVE lives. We send people to kill other people that they have no conflict with at all to win a political battle that has no regard to human life. We turn our heads and look away when we hear that millions die of disease a malnutrition in Africa. We really don't care about life at all except OUR lives and our creature comforts.

Our "morality" is artificial and ridiculous. We don't hold to it. Though we convince ourselves that we do everyday.

Well science isn't moral either. And science doesn't hold that the greatest thing to preserve is life.