Comment: If you are at all familiar with my positions...

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If you are at all familiar with my positions...

You will know that I am no fan of AIPAC, I am 100% against ALL foreign aid, and unconstitutional wars, and wars of aggression even if Congress signs on...

My issue is when folks try to make it about a collective, and label any and every individual who fits under that label as the enemy. I speak out & oppose those who try to say Islam itself is the enemy, and so are all Islamic nations.

Ron Paul is not anti-Israel. Neither am I. He was the only congressman NOT to vote for sanctions on Israel after they bombed Iraqi nuke sites in '81.
Many individuals both Jewish and non-Jewish, Israeli & non-Israeli (including Netanyahu) have said that U.S. involvement in Israel's business is way too much, and that the U.S. hinders Israel from acting as a sovereign nation. Instead Israel must ask the U.S. permission to do anything. And in turn, the U.S. can dictate to Israel what the U.S. wants Israel to do.

Israel is not my big issue, and not what brought me to Ron Paul. But I quickly found out he was correct on that issue as well.

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