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Are you familiar with permaculture?

All variations of the same idea, it goes by the name permaculture, forest farming, agroforestry, natural farming, restoration agriculture, etc. I just learned of it as of 10/20/13. That seems odd, as - although it was new to me - it so resonated, seemed both so familiar & so right, it makes me wonder about past lives or something!

I'd been so happy to read of mexico's ban on gmo corn, wondering what would prompt the "debbie downer" comment of js290. It was also a comment that struck me odd, asking if non-gmo corn was much better. js290 had a particular part of a video keyed up, a presentation on Restoration Agriculture.

Curious, I listened from there and then went back and listened to the whole presentation (below): my introduction to permaculture. I was smitten. Really, for days all I did was seek out more information. So, while not songs, per se - for what it's worth for you or other gardeners - the information below is all music to my ears. :)

Restoration Agriculture (Mark Shepherd)

Sepp Holzer
~Documentary Trailer
~Part I Farming With Nature
~Part II Aquaculture Synergy of Land and Water
~Part III Terraces and Raised Beds
~Part IV The Agro Rebel
Also this this other two-part documentary that apparently ran on tv:
~ Sepp Holzer Permaculture
I -
II -
~ Cute interview re how he learned the principles (as a boy)

Hugelkultur: the ultimate raised garden beds

Backyard - A before & after example (one season)

Green Gold documentary

stillwater's thread here at the Daily Paul: Global Gardner

One of the permaculture sites (I see info re rocket heaters)

Permaculture - Wikipedia, Summary of Design Principles

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