Comment: I have something to share about New York.

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I have something to share about New York.

I have something to share about New York.

I'm a software engineer with a 18 year continuous work experience and pretty happy at current employer for 2+ years and not looking, thus far. So, of course, I came to develop a pretty extensive network of recruiters and headhunters in sectors of all sorts, be it industry, services, technology, or finance.

Many are hitting on me regularly for gigs about anywhere, but believe it or not NY breaks all the records. I receive an awful load of them contacts, about NY, almost every single day.

In this domain, and for the financial services, banking and insurance especially, they seem to be absolutely desperate to find people of my experience or less willing to work there.

I'm telling you, for my profile anyway, it's crazy, as compared to any other state.

And no, thanks, but no thanks, NY isn't going to be something I'd consider to sustain my family ... any time soon. You bet.

I don't know exactly how bad things are turning to be in NY currently, but I can't quite imagine my domain is the only one to be affected that way.

It really feels like (self-reliant) people are fleeing out of NY right now(?)

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