Comment: She asked, "Why is this occurring"? and listed

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She asked, "Why is this occurring"? and listed

weather modification, weather weaponry and Agenda 21. These are all part of the agenda, but the primary reason for spraying toxic poisons on us (aluminum dioxide, barium, strontium and others) is depopulation. The plan is to drastically reduce the population of the planet by the year 2040-2050. The spraying has been going on daily worldwide since 1998 and our immune systems are being compromised. Allergies and respiratory problems are now the top medical complaint since the spraying began. Everyone needs to watch this then take a rain sample and send it off to a lab so that you can see for yourself how we are all being poisoned daily. She said to send her an e-mail for a list of the labs that will conduct the test, as many have been told by government agencies NOT to test. Here are some good sites for more info: