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Ron Paul on Ronald

"If you look at the Republican platform in 1980 under Ronald Reagan, and the enthusiasm generated in 1980 that something would change, it’s awful disappointing to look three or four or five years later and find out that not only did things not get smaller, they got much bigger faster. We can support this by looking at taxes. They claimed taxes went down under Ronald Reagan, but they were raised six times under Ronald Reagan.

The deficit exploded. The national debt went from less than a trillion to over $3 trillion in that decade. Government debt is growing at 13.9 percent per year. So it’s awful frustrating to endorse the same old parties, Republican and Democrats, and never see significant change."

Yea..... Don't praise this shmuck. You like him because he was a supporter of our religion and pushed it in office?? which is the first thing that raised my eyebrow.