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(a) You don't need to explain the Fed to me, I fully understand.

(b) Let's see if I got this straight: you want Rand to explain all the problems with the Fed in detail in every speech, even when the speech is not about the Fed? You realize there, other issues...right? :-?

(c) Your claim that Rand wants to "protect the Wall Street criminals" is ridiculous. Rand's position on the Fed is the same as Ron's. They both understand the problem and know that abolition of the Fed and a return to gold is the solution -- but that doesn't mean they need to spend 100% of their time talking about it, as you seem to demand.

(d) From how agitated you are, I get the impression you're somewhat new to this -- am I right? Like..."OMFG, THIS is what the Fed does!? Something has to be done NOW NOW NOW!!!!!" Well, lol, a bunch of us, including Ron and Rand, have known about this for a little while now. ;-) And I assure you, sensible people have come to the conclusion that yelling "END THE FED" as loud as possible at every conceivable opportunity is not the best way to actually end the Fed. So just because Rand, or whoever, is not out their jumping up and down with "End the Fed" Turrets, doesn't mean he's not trying to do precisely that. So, take a chill pill.

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