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Im not an evolution zealot by any means. Nothing would suprise me at this point. For example, I believe that the "big bang" theory is complete BS and see little differance in quantum physics and all this nonsense about 4th & 5th dimensions than any run-of-the-mill religeon. However there are tons of examples of slight variations on subspecies of organizms, and we have even watched in a laboratory the evolution of bacteria as they adapt to their environment through many generations.

Right now im watching the videos you posted, however being half an hour into the first, I am not impressed thus far.. but we'll see. I really wish you didn't choose videos that are a bloody hour and a half long each. I always post short videos. In the past ive sifted through so many goddamn hour to two hour videos christians post and come away feeling like ive just waisted a huge chunk of time. SURLEY you can find something that makes your argument a bit quicker?