Comment: i have no idea to the facts

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i have no idea to the facts

i have no idea to the facts of the situation but i feel it in my bones that somethings not right with the situation and how it was reported

taking a step back and trying to look at the whole picture, i suspect that their is many factions involved, being one of the reasons why they are so reluctant to go into detail, one faction can only account for themselves, faction reaveling something another faction cant support, deny, explain, is not a situation they want, assuming ive gof this right

Another thing, russo says this was planned, that the "event" purpose was to create FICTIONAL global terrorism, an illusion to mask, explain actions that would be, could be seen in a negative way, suddenly invading another country, installing pipelines, and creating a base in the middle east, knowing that may cost many lives, its not beyond the scope of reason that, this "event" could have been a reason to pre-explain actions they new they were gonna make but would be seen negatively, if they didnt have the "war on terrorism" to mask the real intent, something that would have been obvious otherwise.

As for the bbc reporting a building that fell, having that building in the backshoot of that report, fully intact, assuming that this "events" sole purpose was to build up the peoples compliance, i would not be surprised to learn that originally, they were gonna tell the people it was infact controlled demolitions, but used it as dramatic affect otherwise, what if originally, the demolitions were there as a safety measure, if this was indeed planned, and they were worried it might get out of hand, fires spreading, affecting more buildings then intended, or thoughts along those lines......or possible not, may they intalled explosives after, but that would still mean some of this was planned ahead of schedule, unless everysingle government employee has the knowledge to install explosives in the right places to create a perfect controlled demolition, if it was after they either have the local experts on speedcall, or they were ready

Theories, all theories........because something stinks