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Comment: I agree

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I agree

That everyone should be treated as an individual first. That being said these individuals are pawns of the state, specifically violent pawns. Their job is put people into a cage if they violate a few arbitrary laws.

This is the problem. Everyone's a "nice guy with a family." The President I'm sure is a "nice guy," and is plenty cordial. Like police, the President and other power seeking individuals will strip you of your rights, steal from you, lie to you, while smiling to your face telling you how they just helped you out.

It's like when the cop pulls you over for speeding 5 mph over and he acts like you should thank him and tell him he's just the best cop in the world because he wrote you a seat belt ticket instead.

"Do you not realize you just stuck your hand in my wallet, pullet out $90 and handed it over to the gang over at city hall? THANKS"

So I agree, there are a lot of nice cops, good guys. But they lie cheat and steal for a living. So they're as good as they can get..

They are the storm troopers. They are the ones who will be knocking on your door to confiscate your guns. They are the chief violators of natural law and the constitution.