Comment: The cartels, the Mexican

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The cartels, the Mexican

The cartels, the Mexican government, and the DEA are in collusion. In the past this was not a problem because the cartels stuck to their own business and everyone was happy. The previous president, Calderon, made a frontal attack on drugs. This was very naive since the cartels lost their discipline and they started branching out into kidnapping and extortion plus there were 90,000 people killed during this guy's term.

Some communities in Mexico go way back to precolumbian times. These are very communitarian people and these are the people who got tired of being blackmailed and kidnapped so they took arms against the cartels.

By the way - libertarians/RPaul are helping the A LOT. Decriminalization of drugs in Colorado and Dr. Paul openly talking about the issues pertaining the "war on drugs" will impact these people. It would be good if there is some way to connect with them. The worldwide MSM pictures Republicans, Tea-Partiers, and libertarians as racist, extremist, etc. when in fact it is the contrary.