Comment: One thing is for sure.

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One thing is for sure.

No matter which method of methods were used, just a cursory review of the evidence proves contrary to the "official report". Just taking time to review video footage should give anyone with the ability to think, reason to question.

What disturbs me the most, are the reactions of people I tell.

Where is the American Sprirt? Why aren't more people steaming at the simple fact that we've been lied to?

This particular lie is the one I keep as a reminder for when I start to doubt the rest of them. If I start to doubt the truth about how bad the Fed really is, I step back and think about 911 as a benchmark for the measures people are willing to take to advance an agenda. This benchmark makes me question everything that seems the least bit off center.

I guess it's good that many people I tell, already have some doubt about 911. I guess I set my expectations to high when I look for people to get as concerned as me. Even if the claim to know, most of their reactions are identical to those who didn't know. That reaction is, to change the subject as soon as possible.

The way I see it though, is the only effective weapon we have right now is our mouth! I've reached a point where I don't care if people get pissed at me. I do my best, even if they walk away mad, to plant as many seeds as possible in hopes it will eventually lead them to take notice.

911 is a litmus. test for America! If people are willing to ignore, not only the 911 lie itself, but the implications and atrocities that spawned from this horrible event, do they deserve to be free?