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In a way...

You've got a point.

We do need an "institution" of people who can give *good advice* in society which commends itself by its quality and can be voluntarily taken. We need a free market in advisory council if you will. I was thinking last night about RESET:

People for The


RESponsible Elimination of Taxation

There are lots of possibilities for such institutions. I'm not sure how far off the rails you're going when you start talking about a "center of power." Well, actually, I do know you're pretty far off the rails, but let's stick to the positives here.

I think you give too much credit to the "Church" in European history, but the church in American culture has had an opportunity to fill this role. The only problem is that the advice it has offered has been so uniformly bad. On the other hand, people voluntarily flock to it (and support it handsomely) for its value to them as a social outlet.

You never did answer my question, by the way. What do you think of the guideline for a social contract, that if I explicitly agree to give up a certain freedom (the freedom to steal from others, for example), then everybody else should give up that freedom too?