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Not complicated

Effective investments in defense of the innocent are free market services that have been offered throughout human history if anyone cares to look.

Such as:

Icelandic Commonwealth

Trial by Jury employed before and sometime after Magna Carte

The Declaration of Independence time-frame, including Trial by Jury adapted by "runaway slaves" who ran away from England, which included effective defense against the largest criminal military aggression at that time (financed by the Central Bankers of The Bank of England); effective defense managed while the defenders were consenting to The Articles of Federation forming a voluntary defensive union of constitutionally limited republics.

4. That voluntary defensive union in America between 1776 and 1787 was copied from the examples provided by Holland and Switzerland.

If the problem is accurately identified, then a solution to the problem can be realized. Miss-identification of the problem is not a problem for those who willfully cause miss-identification.