Comment: Would love to get our Candidate some attention like this....

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Would love to get our Candidate some attention like this....

This post inspired me to submit a story tip on TheBLAZE...

While watching Wilcow’s interview with Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniels, it reminded me of the “David and Goliath” GOP primary race in Washington’s 4th Congressional District.

Doc Hastings is a 9-term incumbent and member of the establishment GOP who has a voting record that matches 96% of the time with Republican Leadership. His voting record funds Obamacare, funding continuous resolutions, voted against the Amash amendment to defund the domestic spying… these are a few examples of his record.

Gavin Seim is a 28 year old who was sick and tired of being sick and tired of Doc’s non-conservative voting record… and he is doing something no one was willing to do… primary Doc. Gavin is part of that new generation of conservatives that are trying to reclaim the party inspired by the progressive tendencies by the current GOP leadership.

Please take a look at this young man… perhaps his story is one that the BLAZE could get behind. I know it has inspired me, perhaps it inspires others as well

Web site:

“When Mr. Seim Goes to Washington”

“Refusing CA Fruit Checkpoint”

“DHS Inland Check Pioints”

Here's what happened when Gavin called into a Yakima radio show and challenged Doc on voting record regarding the NSA and against the Amash Amendments.
Here is the followup interview on KIT a week after Gavin confronted Doc on the airwaves… This interview sounds so similar to Chris McDaniels that I had to write in to the BLAZE.

Thank you for your time and please consider giving this brave young man some much needed support…

In Liberty,