Comment: 3rd rail issues...

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3rd rail issues...

1. Foreign Policy
2. Illegal War and War Powers
3. AIPAC influence
4. Abolishing a 'Central Bank'
5. Using only Gold & Silver as 'Money'
6. Abolishing the IRS
7. Abolishing the Income Tax replacing it with nothing
8. Abolishing Foreign Aid completely (Israel included)

The 'Blaze' (and their founder) will never touch these issues..
and if you go to the 'issues' page of their endorsed candidates
like this one..
they won't touch them either.

Does that make the Ron Paul people 'Purists'?
No. It makes us Constitutional Conservatives
and themselves
something less.

Are we 'gaining ground' by (now) seeing Cannabis popularized, regulated and taxed with (now) hordes of politicians demagoging the issue?
No. They are now (just) throwing us bones to imitate 'progress'..
and foster complacency and distraction on the (above) more important issues.

I see the Blaze as co-opting and soothing the ANGER and DISSENT
that it's going to take to change, REALLY change the erosion of Liberty and to chain down the Federal Government.

So yeah.. he has a nice accent,
and Rand Paul has a nice smile,
and they 'kinda' say the 'right' things...
but it's not enough..
not until I see the kind of caliber and truth to power posture
like that of Napalitano and Tom Woods.