Comment: Tyler Durden is the original hacker...

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Tyler Durden is the original hacker...

He starts out at the age of 6, hacking scratch 'n sniff stickers into obscene images. By 12 he is removing hood ornaments from cars and, within the year, the cars themselves. He gets a job at 16 at a movie theater and hacks the movies.

He is labeled a vandal but he never hurt a tree, unless it was one that was planted by a landscaper in a parking lot. These he lit aflame. The only things he ever destroyed were the things that allowed the sleeping masses around him to stay asleep.

Hacking the world in general became boring after a while. The new game would be individual minds. To get through these walls requires a more personal sense of loss and destruction for the fortunate. Explosive fire can do it, but sometimes it takes more.

"Damn the pandas, full steam ahead"

-Admiral David Farragut