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I am 25 and mixed encounters

I am 25 and mixed encounters with cops although I have only had to deal with them a couple of times, mostly at traffic stops. I think it varies greatly by where you live as well, small town cops are usually more down to earth than major cities. The UT and WI highway patrol have been really polite actually.

The only times I have been really harassed was when one came to my door for a noise complaint because I had a movie on too loud. He was a dick and asked all kinds of stupid questions like "Its pretty cold out why did you come out in a sleeveless shirt and close the door behind you?" I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "Its what I do." and he finally left.

I did work as a security guard when I was 19 though and had to call the cops because we had a gang fight at the pool I worked at. The cop finally showed up 20 min later after I had to deal with it myself and almost got attacked with a 2x4. The cops showed up and treated me like trash because I was only security and acted like I was wasting his time. He was actually pissed there was nothing going on even though the situation ended 15 min ago when he should have showed up. Lol all the kids at the pool used to call me the "2.5" cause I was security and half of the "5-0".

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