Comment: Or how about this! Lets stop

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Or how about this! Lets stop

Or how about this! Lets stop misusing the word collectivism. Collectivism does not mean generalizing, stereoptyping or catagorizing things into groups. You may as well have entitled your thread: We need to stop communising/nazing/socialisting the police.

Collectivism means a system of governance where rights originate from the government and can be selectivily given or taken from their subjects. It is a system where ownership of the individual belongs to the "group" not the "individual."

Please, please, please, please.... learn the definition of collectivism. All of you offenders who throw out "collectivism" in every convorsation where anyone uses catagorization to describe a group of people. If you are in this movement, it really helps if you understand one of the most important words in our vocabulary. It is shocking how many people here do not.

Here, if you haven't seen this, you need too.