Comment: "Liberty & Equality for All" --

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"Liberty & Equality for All" --

Why say "Liberty & Equality for all"?

Because, as you should make very very clear, you believe that THRU Liberty, comes massive amounts of Equality. That is to say, restrict, limit, deny human Liberty, and as a sad sad consequence, you've just restricted, limited, and denied the growth of massive amounts of Equality. Stop Liberty and you Stop massive amounts of Human Equality grow and flourish.

Another way to say it, Equality always walks thru the Front door of Liberty. However, if we force Equality in through the back door of State Controls & Restrictions, the only result is Tyranny.

That is a lesson that progressives do not get, do not understand, and refuse to see. And this is why progressives are "equality pushers" who seek the use of the all powerful state to achieve their ends. Despite all the historical lessons of East vs West Germany, despite the gruesome histories found in "The Black Book on Communism", despite the all the historical lessons of all the Latin American Nations, and despite the 30 year lessons from China, from 1980 to 2010, liberals/democrats/Progressives/socialist/communists and even many independents & Republicans all DON'T GET IT. Their own very personal internal sense of social justice which calls so strongly for "Social Equality" leads them down the beaten path straight to Government's halls of State control.

SO,....Always champion "Liberty & Equality for All" and let everyone know that what you means is that with "lots of social liberty, comes lots of social equality". And that is a good thing. While many if not most in any population will ALWAYS be willing to sacrifice "social liberties" for "social equalities", only a few will be willing to give up the dream of "massive social equality". That is just human nature. That is our natural sense of right and wrong, our universal human sense of social justice. So, what we humans must learn again and again is this: that ONLY thru massive social liberty, to we GET massive social equality. Each generation, like learning how to read and write, must learn this simple political truth, or they will destroy their own society in a nightmare of tyranny, control and grief.

Spread the lesson.


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