Comment: Collectivism isn't generalization

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Collectivism isn't generalization

Collectivism is the creation of predator and prey classes. When you say the good of the many outweighs the good of the few, you are saying the good of some (predators) outweighs the good of others (prey).

That's not the same thing as generalization.

But regardless when you run into a cop, you better generalize.

All kittens are not the same. But you can afford, when you meet one, to be friendly. Even if it bites, it's not liable to be serious.

All tigers are neither the same. It might not be hungry. It may or may not be willing to eat humans. But you are well behooved to generalize that it's a threat and stay away.

Same with cops.

Cops do not protect you or repatriate your property. They are there to do you harm. It might be on a break, it might be a more friendly cop, it might even be a good cop.

But you are a fool if you do not assume they are a threat and act accordingly.

Sure, if you know one personally, you are in a situation to know if they are good person or bad. That's a different matter.

Any gang is a potential threat. No matter what colors they wear, but especially if it's blue or black.

I wish we still lived in a Andy Griffith world but we don't.