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as an example..

Mcdaniel 's issue page
I expected nothing different.. pretty much boiler plate New! Improved! 'R' teaocon stuff.. but for the record:

1. Foreign Policy -
committed to making sure the American military continues to be the strongest in the world, and will not sacrifice this strength in an effort to appease our enemies.(John McCain/Lindsay Graham/Diane Feinstein/Harry Reid love this kind of posture; perfect)

2. Illegal War and War Powers - NOPE

3. AIPAC influence - Do I really even HAVE to say? See #1 and #8

4. Abolishing a 'Central Bank'- NOPE

5. Using only Gold & Silver as 'Money'- NOPE

6. Abolishing the IRS - NOPE

7. Abolishing the Income Tax replacing it with nothing - NOPE
"supports scrapping the current tax code and moving to a lower, simpler and flatter tax system" (a kinder, gentler tyranny)

8. Abolishing Foreign Aid completely (Israel included) NOPE
"American taxpayers should not be subsidizing countries that are hostile to American security and values."
(the reverse corallary is: American taxpayers SHOULD be subsidizing countries that are friendly to American security and values.)

Have at it Cunningham... go out in a 'Blaze' of Glory (yawn)