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I am sure I had that coming...

Glassman, If you want to share any details about why you came away with the impression I was a "jerk", I would gladly hear it. But that being said, it probably isn't necessary. I understand how I was.

One of the interesting things about all this is that it was actually March, 2010, 6 months before this nightmare started in which I had a major revelation about how I was acting, and how I need to act in the future. Oddly enough, this is while Kriston Pohl was locked up in prison for no good reason, and he was learning exactly the opposite lesson.

Anyway, the thing I realized is that my anger at the New World Order creeps (and the like) did not derive from a good place. Does anger ever? Maybe. See but here is the important thing: I was, and many are, angry at them for building systems which benefit them at the expense of others. I was not "mad" because this is an unethical way to act so much as I was REALLY mad at the fact that they were better at it then me. I had striven so hard to be of success in the game they created, that I had fallen into the same mindset as them.

I had become a person who would put systems above relationships- who recognized value in efficiency over human happiness. I referred to the "sheeple" and talked down about and to them the same way a lot of the creeps do about all of us from their yachts and tower-top suites.

On top of that, I started to see the fruits of our hard work by early 2010. I was gaining some optimism that this ship could possibly change course in time to prevent a total societal meltdown. Then I find guys like David Wilcock. Whether you agree with him or not, you do have to give him a little credit for being able to largely see all the nasty things happening in the world, and yet he always has an optimistic view of the future. Here is the video I made around that time...

All of this culminated for me in an event that had I been in church at the time, they would have said I had been "saved". This happened alone, on my own, at my property in the remote hills of New Mexico. This happened a full SIX MONTHS before the nightmare began. And thank God it did. Had I not had this realization to set aside my ego, and realize we are all one and we are all in this together, I may have really lost it when I spent 90 days on total lockdown. I may have become the exact person that the DA and the press were trying to say I was!

But that didn't happen because I had already learned the lesson 6 months prior. So the nice thing about 15 months in jail is that I had lots of time to read and write and really dig into my new realizations. I got to work out regularly and I put some health problems behind me. I came out of jail in the best physical, spiritual, and mental health of my life.

So, in short, Glassman, I offer that I respect you for being honest here, and in calling me out. If I knew more about what happened between us, maybe I could even offer an apology. So, if you want to have that conversation at some point, I am here! :)

Ray Powell
Founder, Hacking For Change
Head Geek,