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Cops might be individuals

But they cease to be upon putting on the uniform.
They then become part of their own collective,where the
brotherhood comes first.A close second would be following bad laws,that
some of them do not follow themselves.
As far as freedom is concerned,do the cops want freedom? or are more inclined
to steal that from another?..Remember cops can carry any manner of protection
they deem necessary to protect their own lives,BUT,will throw anyone else in jail for doing the same thing.
Here is a few examples,they carry full auto rifles,they carry tazers,and some have military hardware. In this state a tazer will get you jail time,and a fine.
We are not second class citizens who have to bow and worship the state,and all the henchmen they hire,this is though,the opposite of freedom and liberty

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.