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we're at a crossroads
like the summer of 2001
put yourself back to those days
we had no idea of the things to come...

Weather warfare is as close as the Psychopaths that be have come to "the perfect crime" and to hold onto control of the changing world, despite their crashing petro-dollar instrument of control. Weather modification is that unknown spectre they plan to tighten their control over us all with

scary, but consider this:

The Phillipines held a proxy 'crisis' with China through much of 2013, but in the end, where negotiating closer trade and relations with China... enter Typhoon Yolanda, and now after months of death, destruction, what do you find... US troops everywhere and the Phillipines scared back into their uncle's clutch...

And that is nothing compare to what paleogeologists like this Dane Wittington, featured in the video, that state these psychopaths, doing this, spraying all of this on us all - without our consent - have gravely miscalculated - and our entire earth ecosystem is in the final stages of a Mass extinction, possibly culminating in the Venus effect where no life at all could be found on planet earth...

I'm really saying - you're a strong voice - seems you get it over the years I've been here.

This is the issue

Look Up

get informed and get in the fight - the fight

to expose Geoengineering

really, nothing else matters - its that late in the game - this is their play and we need to start responding, bravely, with a resolute "No.
Not without our consent!"

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!