Comment: "Yer either with us, or yer with the enemy!" o_o

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"Yer either with us, or yer with the enemy!" o_o

Sure, there are quacks in every corner of medicine, defending every perspective, for any imaginable financially corrupt reason. One clearly weak point of the OP video is the claim that the entire controversy began in 1998 with the Lancet article. Just that one point shows that Penn and Teller are hack investigators and full of sh¡t [in their "We can scream BULLSH¡T more convincingly than the next guy" approach to their basic rhetoric attempting to convince us that the science has all been done and the conclusion is that those who fund OUR propaganda are in the right, case closed]. They cast the father of an autistic child in the lead role of their video. He's portrayed as the utter face of sanity in all this. Alas, my heart strings are mightily tugged as the father seems so at peace while everyone else is so crazy. Gee whiz, the father must be a real authority on the matter! Reality sets in... The father is about as convincing as a father who's lost his son in Operation Iraqi Freedom telling us, "Yup, see, those Islamo-fascists really are evil!". Would it be so convincing to Penn and Teller that they'd make a video promoting neocon Middle East foreign policy?

Chicken Pox and Measles were not essentially life threatening or damaging in modern society before their respective vaccination campaigns. Autism is permanent damage!

Should we vaccinate for bigger health problems like polio? Perhaps there remain shades of grey in the matter. Penn and Teller's black and white, all or nothing approach is equally as absurd as those they scream against, and for the same reasons.

It's QUITE possible that both video's perspectives make some worthy points.