Comment: Controversial topic, but I do

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Controversial topic, but I do

Controversial topic, but I do think you may have a point. The free market works in ways we don't expect. Has anyone ever considered that the current situation of centralization we have right now is actually the free market at work? The default mode of humanity seems to be centralization. We had free markets in the past before, but if free markets were infallible, they would have remained free.

Not to say that anarchy can't or won't work, but it seems to me that the real solutions only tend to take place after witnessing the total failure of centralization. Solutions only seem to come into existence after the initial mistake has been made. Rarely do people have the foresight to think up solutions that solve problems before they even occur.

It's only after people have undergone the effects of centralization that they tend to turn to free market principles. But when the good life has been restored, people become complacent again and the free market slowly defaults back into being unfree and being centralized.

It seems to me that the human race is somewhat doomed to repeat their mistakes. And that's because the human race is a forgetful race with a limited amount of imagination. Rarely do they put themselves in the shoes of those that have gone before and that's why they don't learn from the past. Most people need to repeat the mistake in order to relearn a truth that has already been discovered before.

If you want to break free from this cycle, we need a system that allows people to simulate the mistakes from the past IN PERSON, because people only tend to learn from mistakes. Telling them it's mistake doesn't work. And only some pay attention to history lessons, but most don't.

Instead of avoiding mistakes, allow the mistake to occur, but do it in a manner where the damage is kept at a minimum. The US constitution is simply not enough to be a restraint on people.