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Couldnt make it past the 2nd minute with all the swearing.

Most of the vaccines babies receive today have been created within the last 10-20 years....We are not talking about polio vaccines. We are talking about all the questionable and unecessary vaccines, such as chickenpox, flu shot, measles, whooping cough, etc.

I dont remember the stat but at 2 years old, a child today gets something like 4 times the number of vaccines as they did 15 years ago....Was there a big baby death epidemic since 1999? I dont recall one. So why are they pushing more and more vaccines at the young ages?

I have found that the people who complain about unvaccinated kids are the same people who say we need the TSA. I have yet to hear a good answer about why a vaccinated kid is at risk from an unvaccinated kid - the whole purpose of vaccine is to get immunity.