Comment: I'm an RN and Christ

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I'm an RN and Christ

I'm an RN and Christ almighty, I'm getting so goddam sick of arrogant/ignorant dolts like this guy stating unequivocally that vaccines have nothing to do with autism. I'm sorry, that simply has NOT been proven, nor will it EVER be by the state agencies and their studies that he so dutifully and unquestioningly cites.

The entire foundation of trust, which is everything the state relies on to maintain power, would be torn asunder if any link at all existed. So ask yourself, will this ever be answered by any institution that relies on state funding, like pretty much every medical research facility in the country? Most likely never. It's the same reason we still have that awful cancer/diabetes/obesity/heart disease-causing ADA food guidelines that tell you to gorge yourselves on gov't subsidized grains and shun saturated fat which is actually good for you.

It's not about evil, malicious intent. I'm not an Alex Jones nut on this issue. It's about vested interests disinclining research for truth. When it comes to the state, truth is never the goal of anything.