Comment: Pen n Teller, great comedians.

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Pen n Teller, great comedians.

Pen n Teller, I like them. Don't agree with them often but meh, still dig the argument style :)

I am anti vaccines in their current form.
I trust science, and the scientific method.
I just don't trust the guys running the show.
The scientific method shows they can't be trusted :)
Seen too much read to much.
I'd rather roll the dice and trust in healthy living to protect my child.

What it really comes down to is I own my child till they turn adult.
The State neither owns me nor my child.
When the State tries to assert it's belief that it owns my child, we have an impasse. You can quote me on this.......
Over my dead body, but not before I send a lot of jackboots screaming to hell first.

"You only live free if your willing to die free."