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Statism is a word that

Statism is a word that describes the worship/faith in/love of the state, wheras collectivism is the term which describes the power structure of it.

In an Individualist society, while there may be a state, using "Statism" to describe affection for it would be sketchy because the Individualist does not "love" the state, but instead considers it a neccessary evil. That may be a neccessity that is fading to many Individualists. However, I suppose an individualist who is proud of his nation because of the freedoms, prosperity and liberty enjoyed by safeguarding rights could be called a "patriot."

Its important to note that there are only two forms of government we know of; Individualism and Collectivism. Individualism can be applied to stateless capitalism, or a "very" small Republic. So long as the society is based around unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property, and the governing body (if any) has no right to violate any without the individual having first deprived another as per crime.

Collectivism encompasses all the rest. This is true because it doesn't matter how the state violates, assigns and withdraws rights from individuals as per the differances in communism, socialism and facism. No matter how they apply their force and crimes against innocent people, it is the violation of individual rights by "law" that defines collectivism. The love of those institutions is statism.