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Where to start?

Your first claim: complete participation/nonparticipation required.


Your second claim: Government enforcement required.


Different classes, incomes, ideologies?


The first step is to free your mind.

I know people who reject the idea of initiating violence against me. We have an anarchist society now. The question is: Do you personally support the initiation of violence against me personally? If you're voting and participating in other government rituals, paying taxes, and such things, then you do. So you need to free your mind. Then you can become part of our anarchist society.

By the way, mass enlightenment of the human race per se *does* happen. People have a much better understanding of the relation between hygiene and health---en mass. There are very few people unaware of the role germs play in disease, but it was not always that way. It will be that way about the idea of government one day.