Comment: I think I get what you mean...

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I think I get what you mean...

...but I think you are ignoring/underestimating the fact that the underlying foundation upon which our society has been built is slavery, plain and simple.

There is no justification for enslaving those who do not rely on the current system. We just need to have more of them. Yes, it's a hostile environment in which to build a civilized society on a different foundation---the foundation of voluntarism. But we have the opportunity to do it. Why not?

Read your paragraph again on social "insurance." (What a euphemism!)

People have planned around them? Who's responsibility is that?

I can't defensibly pull out the rug? It would be robbing society?

What of the robbery/slavery upon which these "programs" (another euphemism) exist? How is that defensible? How is it defensible to continue to contribute to them?

I'm with you that, in the realm of politics, waste and warfare and such things can get the priority to cut. This has to do with sound management of the livestock. But I am not livestock.