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Simplicity defined

Don't make anarchy so difficult because it is not. The individually personified anarchism is to simply live your life free of the constraints of governments or law. We all do it on a daily basis. Government is a part of our lives because it was forced upon us and into our daily routines. But anarchy is not some political ideology but rather a way of life that is far simpler than many will make it out to be. Try this...

Live your life today as you would live it. Make no observations of laws and authority and conduct yourself in the average, everyday peaceful manner that you usually do. You see your everyday life is anarchy. You don't live your life because it is scripted. You live it one moment at a time. Anarchy recognizes this. Government does not. Government thinks that we need scripts, laws, systems, safety nets and everything else it attempts to provide. But it does so by the people who support government, not those who support anarchy. Those that support anarchy have opted out of getting their hands bloodied on behalf of government force and they stopped paying the beast. If you support government you have blood on your hands and it will never, ever be washed off. You will die guilty as sin because of either your support for the beast or your lack of understanding about how to correct the monopoly on force and misdirection. Anarchy works better than any government can simply because no one need make any extra effort in order to establish a system of order. We already have it. It is called life. Government only manipulate and destroy lives in the name of protecting them. Boy you really want to make anarchy so complicated. Stop thinking about government an you will see how simple anarchy is!